The tower of Ransdorp

Today, (sunday 1 june 2014), we went to Ransdorp at the north side of Amsterdam. I want to make a short movie about the different small cities who are called together: landelijk noord. They are Ransdorp, Holysloot, Durgerdam, Schellingwoude, Zunderdorp. i started today in Ransdorp. With my phantom drone in a suitcase and my camera bag with my nikon, my wife and i left for the first shots to Ransdorp.


Hotspots of the backlake

In the week we where in France carpfishing, i made also the movie with my drone of the backlake at domaine des iles. you can find the movie on my youtube channel or on my movie page as well It is so great to do, making movies but it takes a lot of work to finish them.


Graffiti below the bridge

As you know i did a photo shoot in Amsterdam at the Schellingwouderbrug. Ronald one of my best friends brought me to this place. i could not believe my eyes when i saw all this art from great graffiti artists from all over the world. I recommend to go to this place if you are in Amsterdam.


Windmill from the sky

My new short movie, and i am proud of it. The miller asked me kindly, to come not so close to the mill, went in and was not reachable for me any more, so i put my Card in his postbox and I hope he likes my footage. I think for an amateur ....learning every day! Best to watch in HD. I love this so much as i can combine all my interests together. The technical stuff: i opened my drone already more than 50 times, and i have him only 2 months now. Inside there is a flight controller, gps navigation, 4 engines with controllers a gyroscope.


Drone flights

Finally i got him. my new gadget for video recording. The dji phantom 2. I love it. it is a hobby with consequences. I try to keep the budget low. Bought some parts in china. my gopro hero 2 is old already, but works fine for me now.


Family carp week in France

Domaine des Iles, a paradise on earth for us. A holiday of a week with my family and friends. We had a great time. Many fish, beautiful weather, i am working now on the pictures and movies. They are soon on my channels. In the early morning of 16 may we left from home for a ride of 4,5 hours to Offoy, a small city in France, Domaine des Iles for a week.


Follow the race car

It is really hard to fly in my opinion, so i practice flights with my drone a lot. This time with my son Rob and good friend Ronald. They drove a race car and i tried to follow the car. I can tell you, its not so easy. At the end of the day i asked my son and dear friend after dinner to go with me to the baanstede industrial ground, as i would like to practice my flight skills and can use their help.


Tulips from above

On kings day Saturday morning i went to Egmond, to make a video of the tulips with my drone. many people asked me what i was doing there. i only told them it is a one of my passions! At last i repaired my drone and gimbal after some crashes. It is time to test him and make some footage with it. On kings day i drove to egmond and here i made the first real video with my phantom. I was really nerves because it was the first time after many crashes.