Hitfeld "Dead city of Graffiti"

A few weeks ago we went to the christmas market in Valkenburg. We left from Simpelveld limburg where we stayed with my friends Ronald and Dyon. Along the way We saw a fench next to the road and later we found a hidden or lost city behind that fench.


High key photoshoot

I asked a friend if his daughter would like to join my high key photoshoot, and the next day he asked me allready when the shoot was. So i build my high key studio in my livingroom. working on this story now...


Power Body

 A while ago I asked Marc to send me pictures from him showing some poses. He is preparing his shape for a competition in Oktober or November I believe.  


Uitdam from above

In the serie, The beauty of waterland I show you today, the small village, almost hamlet, Uitdam.


dutchUKflagFierce Female SuperHeroes

Robin, one of my friends called me if i want to do a drone shoot on private property. So I met Donna and Florence. 


Do you remember ?

To remember the old games and television programs, i made three posters of things we almost forgot. Working on this story now....



dutchUKflagMaking fur

I brought a question on my facebook page a while ago. If someone of my friends had a small project for me. Terence one of my collegues asked me if I can make the background disappear from a picture of his beloved friend.


Flight above "De Zaanse schans"

This story is about my flight above De Zaanse schans in holland, the Netherlands. It is one of a serie of short movies to show the beauty of waterland from above.


Watergang from above

One of my flights over the beautiful area of waterland, here you can see why it is called like this. You can see the lowland meadows between the small ditches.