Flight MH17 crashed no survivors

17-07-2014 a date i never forget. almost 300 innocent people died in a plane crash. I had the need to make a picture to remember them. There are many stories, one of them is that they where shot out of the air with a missile, as rebellions thought it was a military airplane. All these innocent people they left this day to go to their holiday address and never came back.


Be careful when you outdare

In a few days i learned a lot again. This time i used the displacement filter to create some great pictures. The most difficult part here is as always the selection of your subject. The displacement filter is one of the oldest of photoshop i think. This filter is rather complicated in use because you need to make an displacement map.


Waiting for coins to call home

Today terrible weather so it is a good day to make a new photo manipulation with photoshop. I always work with pictures of my own. Thats why i keep them all. Sometimes i am more creative and when i search through my old pictures,i see the possibility of a great picture. This picture is made with three elements the background with the dog and the road i shot on my holiday in Greece it was June 2011.


What is Capoeira?

Last sunday i was invited by my friend Pascal to be witness of one of his classes Capoeira. I brought my gopro and took several shots of the roda. I like to thank all of the capoeiristas on the picture, i had a great time. I made this short movie special for my friend Pascal who brings people together, and before they notice it they are more in shape.


Photoshop & me

Today i made a painting with photoshop. If there is someone who likes it you can contact me.
I think there are many with a passion for carp fishing like me. I can make it any size you like. Sometimes when my wife Marja is at work, and the children are doing their own thing. I can lose myself in photoshop, i hope i say this correct in english. It is a timeless process where i am falling in.


Mystery minds "The visit"

Again bad weather, time for photoshop. just searched through some old pictures and mixed two of them. used different light effects to get the result i wanted. The pictures are from a holiday in karpathos, one of the Greece islands i visit some years ago. Rob was fishing on the beach. I was looking for something and dramatic. The sky is the limit so i tried something.


Awesome drone now autonomically

Some days ago DJI introduced the ground station for my drone. Awesome! It can now fly autonomically. First it was only for the iPad, but now it is on my tablet App! I love you DJI, it is great to live and enjoy all this gadgets on my age. For me it is every day amazing to fly with my drone. Now after the release of the ground station for my tablet app it is even more awesome.


Drone flight above the hulk

Two days ago i did a flight above Hoorn, Scharwoude. It felt good this time. weather conditions where great. the only thing i missed a little was the sun. For a nature reserve there where to much trains in my opinion. It was great weather for a take off so i went with my son Rob to "de Hulk", an nature reserve and recreation area in Hoorn nearby the ijsselmeerdijk and ijsselmeer.


My city trip to Roma

My city trip Roma, hard to do, I am now at home and my feet are killing me! We went for 3 days, but we had only 2 days left, as our plane had trouble. I met a great guy, his name is Cristiano. I love him, a hard worker together with his wife and family. You have to go to his nice Restaurant "PICNIC" My city trip of 3 days in Roma began with a delay of 6 hours on the airport, as our plane had trouble with the brakes and they had to find another plane for us. So instead of an arrival in Roma in the morning, we arrived very tired around 8 p.m. on our first day.