The moray cave

I think i am on another level with my passion photography and photoshop. It is now when i look to my pictures, i almost immediately think, how can i make this picture more interesting. So when i saw the cave from my shots in again Karpathos. I don't know why i stay with those . I think i love them or it is now i see the possibility's of the pictures.



I made this manipulation with the amazing background of some rocks from a ruin on Karpathos. As i become more and more useful with photoshop, i love to make my pics more unrealistic as they really are. use more light filters and more gradient maps and color search maps to create a picture like this. When you see it you now it is not real, but it is interesting enough to keep looking at it.


Amazing grave

Today i used an amazing shot of, i think a church, (later i heard it was a family grave), also on my holiday in Karpathos. I always Thought "how do they build this! I try to work today ,as it is thursday, one day ahead, because tomorrow i am busy. I hope you know what i try to tell in my school English, pfff. I think every one knows what i mean, so i just go one.


Cat & rats

Today i made two masterpieces with photoshop. I have a creative day with photoshop. In the morning i first tried my music but i think today is not a day for music as it did not inspired me.


First drone wedding shoot

Last Saturday i was invited by Aniel to take some droneshots at one of his wedding photo shoots with his Devanshi photography team. It was a great day. We left Purmerend around 12:00 a clock to go to the south east of Amsterdam. I was very exited as it was the tryout day for a photo shoot with my Drone, (my old one), with a borrowed gopro 3 from my good friend Robin.


Spider stair

This shot of a stair in Rhodes was already a beauty. The sun made a lens flair and the debt of field was great. I am am not really a travelled man and don't like to fly longer then 5 hours most of my holidays are to Greece and Turkey. If you watch my pictures you can see they are often from Greece because i like the islands with their great coast lines and the quietness of it.


Minion melons

A good day for photoshop yesterday it was rainy so i made this picture come alive with some minions. I always liked this picture i took on one of my holidays. A salesman sold his melons from out of his car next to a busy road on Karpathos one of the beautiful Greece islands.


For once in my life

Made this song together with my son Rob. It is great to do. Love him very much. Hope i make more songs with him. Finally i made the song with the vocals from my son Rob.


Snake focus

Again i finished new PS projects i like them and like to share them with you. You can download them for free on my Flickr channel in High res. I used this time some pics i shot on Rhodes a small Greece island every one knows i think. We went for holiday To Greece several times, this was in June 2011.