A long way to go

Had some ideas for a new song, but today it was not a music day. I moved to photoshop and found an old gopro 2 shot i made some years ago in Bosnia. I like railroads.


With me it is impossible to live

For a special friend i made a website to launch her book. Its Dutch so i don't know if you are interested but maybe one day it will be translated so you can read it. This story is how i made the site with a lot of fun, especially this picture was fun to made.



Last weekend we went to Groote Keeten near the north sea beach. We rented a holiday bungalow from the association of holiday bungalows for firemen in the Netherlands, as i am a member for many years. The association offers fireman for only a few bucks this bungalows. I brought my Drone and camera with me when we left to Groote keeten and Juliana dorp for 4 days.


Old profession

We had some free tickets for the open air museum in Arnhem so last sunday we went together with my great friend, i see him as my son, Ronald, who likes to shoot as much as i like it, and my Marja off coarse, to this great place for shooting pictures. It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from my home to the open air museum in Arnhem but it was worth it.


River Una

This shot i made with my old gopro 2 in Bosnia. I was here to visit a friend as he would like to show me his beautiful village and the river beside it. I made a movie of this on my youtube channel i will put the link below in my story. One of my greatest holidays was to visit my friend Amir at his village in Bosnia besides the border river Una. It was in August 2012 he invited me at his house with my wife. He was my colleague when i was a fireman, and i told him when i retired i would visit him.


The sculpture

It was because of my knee i had problems with walking and standing on my both legs. My right knee is operated 3 times already and with my overweight it stopped working last weekend. After i walked with my grandson on my neck over the market. But Ronald brought me to lelystad for this picture.


The four Cliffs

When my friend Cliff asked me to make a photo shoot of him, training at his gym. I said immediately yes. He came with the idea of more of him in one shot. So the "four Cliffs" where born. Cliff came with the idea to make this shot of him training at his gym. I can tell you now that this project was one of the most exited and fun things to do in a year for me.


Marly "Catch the butterfly"

This shot of Marly the Maine coon of my son Rob i made in February 2012, wintertime in the Netherlands. The other shots of Droopy i show you later. They where very excited in the first snow of that year. I think they saw for the first time in their life snow. My son has two Maine coon cats. They are really big. One is called Marly and the other one Droopy.


Elephant in town

At last i have my new gopro 4, and i made a time laps movie of 10 seconds with it to see the quality of the shots in full HD. One of the background shots i used for this picture. This time i am very happy with the result of my work on this picture. It was a stormy day yesterday when i drove to the entrance of our city Purmerend. I had my new Gopro 4 on a big tripod installed for some time laps shots of the farmer land and the farm in the back with the dark clouds.