First photoshop tutorial

First attempt to make a photoshop tutorial for fun. As simple as it is i used the quicktime player to make a screen recording and i think it worked. Used two pictures from the dogs of my friends Pascal and Juanita. He asked me to remove the leashes from the dogs. This was a great project i can tell you. My first tutorial on youtube is born today. Quicktime player works great as a screen recorder.


Drone flight above Giethoorn

This week i went to Giethoorn with some friends to shoot pictures and to enjoy the ambience of january in the Netherlands. The weather is changing every day so i was lucky to fly on a great afternoon last tuesday. Giethoorn is a real season village so it was empty and all the shops are closed. With this in my mind i thought it would be great to fly over the village.


Charlie Hebdo

Two days ago there was a terorrist attack in Paris in the building of the cartoon magazine office of Charlie Hebdo. They killed the most greatest cartoonist of the world.


Monkey focus

I made this pic some years ago in the zoo of Amsterdam Artis. Used my Nikon d5100 for this shot. At first i brought a bird in the picture but it was not a good choice in my opinion.


The skinny bridge in Amsterdam

In my time as a fireman i made this shot of the skinny bridge in the centre of Amsterdam. The bridge is over the Amstel river. In the upper left corners the stopera our city hall. As a photographer i have my creative moments. This shot i made on 11 may 2011.


Great shot location

This week i went a few days with Ronald and my wife to Simpelveld in Limburg. I rented a holiday house from the association i am a member of many years. We did not know the place we drove to. The weather was not so nice but it was just to be some days from home.


The girls & Frozen

As promised Miriam, mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of my friend and colleague Milton, send me some nice pictures of her princesses. Miriam herself a great photographer as you can see in the pictures below. I told her she knows to catch the moments, and this is not for everybody to reach.

Orca in Amsterdam

Orca whale in Amsterdam

just take an old picture you like, i have many, and think it is nice but what can i do to make it nicer. More and more i use this to create great pictures. This time i took the orca from internet to use it. But you need the idea first. if it works for me it works for you.


The moorland of Hilversum

For November it was a great day for a flight with my drone. Marja and i went to Hilversum to walk around the Moorland that was very near the city of Hilversum. The colors where gone already but the shots from out of the sky are still great. I met some nice people and Joris one of my friends who lives nearby the moorland with his girlfriend Samira.