Shit happens

I had so much fun to make this picture. This morning i opened photoshop and browsed through my pictures. First i found the one with the sleeping kitten in the window of an old house in Greece. I show you the pictures i made today below. The kitten was so tired it did not wake when i took the shot very close to him or her, i don't know.


dutchUKflagCome fly with me

Rob my oldest son likes to sing And sometimes there is a small opening in his life to do, as he is a very bussy man with a wife and two lovely kids. Yesterday i found the opening to record a song with him. He likes to sing songs from Frank Sinatra so i had allready bought the instumental version of a song he knew well.


My flying camera

Hey, i was a little busy last two weeks so had no time to tell about the things i did the last time. But it is time to talk to you again. I made several flights with my flying camera. This one is over a nature area in Friesland Netherlands. It was a great day to fly.


The sphere

One of my favorites is this shot i made in Lelystad from a wooden piece of art. I don't know who the artist is but when i made the shot i knew the final result would be great.


Spider catch

Inspite of the flu i made this great picture today. In the search on my harddrive for good pictures i found the shot of the spider web i used. I made the shot on a morning in the garden of a vacation, sparetime house we rented for a week to fish in weddemeer, Groningen. The link on the left is from the dutch site but you can look at the pictures to see what a great place it is if you like fishing. The picture brought memories i like to share with you.


dutchUKflagFlight harbor of Hoorn

Some days ago i made two flights and video's above the Markermeer near Hoorn and above the harbor of horn. you can find the footage below. There is a big difference between the flights. The first flight was completely by myself with the remote in my hand, and i got nervous when the plane got out of sight, as always.



After many years as a hobby photographer i know now what i like most, The landscapes and scenery as they are usefull and great for post production, but most of all a landscape will not have a problem when you take a picture of it.


Photo repair

This is my third photoshop tutorial. I show you how you can repair a torn photo. I used a picture of an old friend who died many years ago.


Make pictures special

I made this movie to show you how you can make allready great pictures more special. From my dear friends i received the pictures from Zora. They where great but it is me who likes to make the pictures more special. I used some small pictures from internet to build a nice scene on the photo. It is my second photoshop movie and i hope people like them so i can make more. Love it! I am still not happy about the sound of me but it is dutch so you can not understand it. The english subs i did are for you people so you can follow the movie if you like.