dutchUKflagEar hole "Edam"

Yesterday take off at "Ear hole" in Edam.  We left in the late afternoon to the ear hole in Edam. I saw the place on google maps and i liked the small beach with the boats next to it. It took a while to take off as i had some trouble with the quad starting up. The light was a little low for the flight but i did it anyway. working on this story now...


dutchUKflagFlight Volendam

We left with the whole family to the small beach near the Marine harbor of Volendam some days ago to make a flight above the coastline of Volendam. It was such a great day for a flight. Almost no wind and the sun was in the right corner to make some great footage. 


dutchUKflagMan bites dog

When I saw the call of "man bite dog" on the facebook page of the Dutch Drone pilots. My first reaction was: they put you down probably like a village idiot. In the call they were looking for enthusiastic drone users, now that I am. A few days later I changed my mind. I find myself fitting into the program with all the hobbies I have.


dutchUKflagThe million dollar line

This weekend i am for the second time in Limburg near the village Simpelveld. It is the old railroad with the amazing history, i had to go back to tell a story about the railroad, they call it the million dollar railroad.  


dutchUKflagFlight above "Twiske"

Because the weather is great, maybe a litle cold but it is just march. Ronald and i left to recreation area "het twiske". It is really a nice place to go and really big i can tell you. The flight was above a lake called "stootersplas" but twiske is much larger.


dutchUKflagGreat scene

About a week ago i was with my family on the tripoint of europe. After some sauntering we where cold so decide to get a warm drink in one of the restaurants. This was a good choice for Ronald and I. Whow, they made here a great ambience, for us photographers you don't want to miss it, working on this story now...



Trick with numbers

Today i remembered a trick with numbers and i like to share it with you. In my young days i did some tricks for people as an magician. The trick i like to tell you, works great on party's or birthdays, and no one knows how you did it.  First you need a pen and paper to write on.



Two days ago, a beautiful day to fly, almost no wind, only the wheather is not so clear. We where here two days before the flight to check the details of our take off position at hemmeland.  


dutchUKflagGolf course flight

Yesterday i made a flight over a golf resort. Ronald my wife and i went to a small road near the resort on our bicycle, because this road is only accessible with bicycles. It was also the best spot for a safe take off and land position. The road is on the end of the golf course, i had in mind to do a flight on a height of 100 meter a take off in the middle in a straight line to the end and back again.