Open air museum

My visit to the open air museum in Arnhem, Holland, the Netherlands brought my a great day. You can make shots here who are awesome!


dutchUKflagGreen screen project

Next week i have a photo shoot at my home with some girls. So today i made the trial shoot. With my lovely neighbour girls. It was more difficult as i expected honestly.


Hot Animals

 It is amazing how animals know their way and share the spots when there is a need for water or shadow, to cool down.


dutchUKflagCars (building board)

I made a building board for my grandson. He loves cars and lightning mcqueen, so i made this one for his 2th birtday. It is on an A3 size carton paper. It was to give away to all his friends with a small treatment inside. working on this story now.....


dutchUKflagKwadijk, (Drone flight)

Last Sunday i went to a safe take off position, near Kwadijk, to make the footage you can see below in the movie on my Youtube channel. Nico my friend and i went on the moped to a spot close to Kwadijk. It was a great day with sun and not so much wind for this time of year. I use now an app called windfinder to pick my flight days. 


dutchUKflagIdols on the wall

A year ago i made a promise to a friend. As soon he got his new apartment, i would make him a picture for on his wall with many of his idols. The people where he is getting his musical inspiration from.


Flight over "Muiderslot"

Today it was a great day to fly. almost no wind over the ijsselmeer. I was here yersterday but there was to much wind. This is the Netherlands, every day is a different day. We found a great takeoff spot, see the map below. Made some footage with the gopro4, and Nico made some shots with his mobius


dutchUKflagFlight near Medemblik

For me google maps is the place to be. I find all my spots with it. It is also a way to see places i never knew they where here in my country.  This time i went to a small beach in Medemblik.  The flights are done more often because the wheater is now getting better every day. It was not an easy take off here.


Today i start writing a story about someone i never met but, he is a great artist when it becomes to sound design and tutorials for free. For people like me it is great to find a guy like him on the internet. He helps many people with his video tutorials. He shows us the enormous power of the digital workstation, (DAW), reason.