Broek & waterland flight

Yesterday it was a great day for a flight. I left for a drive with Marja my wife near the village Broek and waterland. I found a great take off spot to make this great short movie for you.


dutchUKflagMaking memories

Carola a good friend, looked at my pictures and asked me if i can make for her a painting from an old picture she had from two good friends who are deceased. The two friends are horses. 


dutchUKflagLand of ever

Yesterday we left for a drive of 1,5 hour to the city Drunen. in Brabant , Netherlands, Holland. Ronald his Girlfriend told us about this place. It was from 1989 till 2007 an amusement park where children where the boss.  The park is around 34 hectare big. So it was time to find out more about this place.


Filter flight with drone

Last week i tried to make another flight but the app on my tablet told me there was something wrong at the spot of the take off. So it was time to test the system. I went to the nearby industrial area and made 4 flights of only 5 minutes, they where almost similar, i only switched filters every flight. Here is the result.


dutchUKflagTrip to Texel

When i write this story i am on the island "Texel" in the Netherlands, Holland. We left some days ago from home for a drive to Denhelder. There we took the ferry to Texel.


First Urban experience

Some days ago i did my first urban experience with Nico and my wife. I know i am to old for this but i gave me the feel i was young again. We Left for a drive to Belgium.


Ilpendam "above and around"

A few days ago i made a beautiful flight above Ilpendam. This is a small village in the north of Holland the Netherlands. It was an awesome afternoon with great wheather to fly. 


dutchUKflagPhoto shoot

Some weeks ago i did a photoshoot with 12 girls and boys in front of a greenscreen at my home. You can see the setup in one of my other stories. The reason i could not work on my website is because of the 3 weeks of photoshopping i had to do on the shots i made. I loved it!


Marken flight

Marken is a small peninsula in Holland, it used to be an island but on my year of birth 1957, they made a dike to connect the island with the mainland of Holland.