After many years as a hobby photographer i know now what i like most, The landscapes and scenery as they are usefull and great for post production, but most of all a landscape will not have a problem when you take a picture of it.


When i started with photography i loved to shoot potraits an nature shots with my 300 mm lens. But the time changed and today people have trouble when you take their picture. It is even so when i walk with my 300 mm in a forest to make shots of mother nature, people come to me and ask me, why i take their picture. Everytime i have to explain myself, i am not shooting people but i take shots of birds or scenery. It is my experience and believe, people today, they all have something to hide, or they are afraid their picture will be used without their permission for internet or other social media . This is not a good thing it tells me people are not social anymore, they think bad of people around them, and i mean the people they never met. 10 or 15 years ago people in general did not mind if i took their picture on a market or walking in the wood, or they asked me when i made some shots of nature with my 300 mm tel zoom lens if i did this for my profession and made compliments over my gear. It is by this i sold my 300 mm lens as some months ago two young men asked me agressive what i was doing and why did i make shots of them. When i told them i did not make pictures of them, at first they would not believe me. I showed them my footage and after this they returned to their car.

Another example, i was shooting on a market with my standad lens. Taking pictures of beatiful stands with fruit and vegetables. The owner game real agressive to me , and shouted to me what i was doing and don't do that i don't want it, go away. I believe there are more reasons and i think its a problem. It tells me people do not help each other anymore. Poverty brings people together but wealth brought this in our world. We all live our lifes with family and friends, and the people we know. This is a good thing , but is it not wrong to think all the others on the street, even when you never met them are bad? Fortunately i am not one of them, and i hope you are like me. Here you can find my landscapes on the picture page. On my flickr channel they are free to download in high definition. Some of them are seen by 18000 people or more, i like to thank the people all over the world who like my images, this is why i keep going on.  And below i show you also some scenery. Talk to you later and excuse me for my bad english this is all i know.