Spider catch

Inspite of the flu i made this great picture today. In the search on my harddrive for good pictures i found the shot of the spider web i used. I made the shot on a morning in the garden of a vacation, sparetime house we rented for a week to fish in weddemeer, Groningen. The link on the left is from the dutch site but you can look at the pictures to see what a great place it is if you like fishing. The picture brought memories i like to share with you.

It was 29 September, i remember this week as 2 weeks before my youngest son Paul died. More of his dead you can read here. This link opens in a new window for you. It was more a run away from home, as we lived not our own life  but more a rush. It was the most difficult time of my life, i can tell you.  We tried to recover and talked a lot and we where every day together.  My grandson helped me through the days. We booked the sparetime lodge months before his dead, at first we said to each other, we can't go, but a day before the 29th we decided nevertheless to go. It became a strange week with many different thoughts and emotions. The evenings where mainly hard for us all, we cried a lot together. but still it felt good.  Rob my oldest son was mainly very angry of his brother so the discussions we had together they where important.

For him it felt he left him alone with the problems of life when getting older. But nevertheless it was a week to bring our minds off the situation. I am always awake early so i made the picture of the spider web in the morning sun of September. I show you the original pictures below. I brought some backlights on the web and put the fly and the spider on the web with photoshop. I think i made a great picture and never saw something like this. The fly is stuck in the web of the spider and this is really good to see. Love it! You can find the picture on my picture page here. All of my pictures are free to download in all kind of sizes through my Flickr channelIf you like my stories it is great for me if you would like to share them with your friends. Talk to you later.