Make pictures special

I made this movie to show you how you can make allready great pictures more special. From my dear friends i received the pictures from Zora. They where great but it is me who likes to make the pictures more special. I used some small pictures from internet to build a nice scene on the photo. It is my second photoshop movie and i hope people like them so i can make more. Love it! I am still not happy about the sound of me but it is dutch so you can not understand it. The english subs i did are for you people so you can follow the movie if you like.

And it is something i never found on youtube. Most of the time the movies are english, some of them are dutch. I believe i am on a level so i can share the things i can with photoshop to the world. You can find my movie on my  youtube channel it opens in a new window. The movie is on my movie page as well. Talk to you later.