Drone flight above Giethoorn

This week i went to Giethoorn with some friends to shoot pictures and to enjoy the ambience of january in the Netherlands. The weather is changing every day so i was lucky to fly on a great afternoon last tuesday. Giethoorn is a real season village so it was empty and all the shops are closed. With this in my mind i thought it would be great to fly over the village.

The moment was excellent as there was almost no wind and the sun was shining a little. The girls walked around the village and i found a field to try the drone so i was sure it was save to fly in this area. I always try the drone before take off, compass calibration, a complete checklist before the real take off. Asked Ronald to take the controls of the camera with my ipad mini, so i can concentrate completely on the flight of the phantom. Brought the drone to 240 feet is 85 meter i suppose. Flew in a circle half way around the village and back. I had 3 short movies of  5 minutes and some pictures to use. To remove the fisheye from the dji lens i brought the footage in photoshop made it an intelligent file so the editing comes over the complete movie.

Used the filter for lenscorrection, so easy just choose dji lens and the magic happens. As there where not so much colors i took a color lookup filter with fall colors and a soft light blending mode over the footage so there was much more color. For the rendering you have to be patient, as photoshop takes for 5 minutes of footage more than 1 hour of time to render. 3 hours later i brought the three movies in imovie and completed the short movie with some text and music from myself. Here you can find the link to the youtube movie of my it opens in a new window for you., you can find the movie on the movie page here as well.  If you like my stories please share them with your friends. Talk to you later.