Great shot location

This week i went a few days with Ronald and my wife to Simpelveld in Limburg. I rented a holiday house from the association i am a member of many years. We did not know the place we drove to. The weather was not so nice but it was just to be some days from home.

I brought my drone despite of the weather, you never know i thought. Gopro and my Nikon. Ronald was really excited as he likes to shoot as much i do. It was a drive of more then 2 hours from our home. When we arrived at the lodge it was  3 pm. and the lodge seemed nice place to be. The village Simpelveld is near many other country's, Germany, Belgium are just 15 minutes away. The lodge was at the end of the road on the resort. It was Ronald who draw my attention on the railroad, below on the back of the lodge that afternoon.. As we saw people walking their dogs it had to be possible to go there to take some nice shots. The only thing that was against us and could spoiled this was the weather. I am always awake early so the next morning, Ronald came down i drunk my second coffee. I saw the light coming from a window of the lodge and it looke amazing. Let's go Ronald i said this is our moment we can not miss this light. It became a great morning. We felt lucky as 3 days later we knew it was the only morning with this light and great weather. At the end of the road there was a fence with a door fortunately it was open. As the train station was a long way down so we had to climb down through bushes this was a problem for my knee but i made it. On the railroad it was awesome, i can tell you. It made an impression on me so i googled it later, and this railroad was not in use anymore. For every photographer a great place to go to. I show you below the pictures Ronald and i shot. The drone i could not use, the weather was the rest of the week to bad for a flight. But the next week a made a great flight over Giethoorn.  Here you can find the story of my second visit to this great location. So come back to read about it.  If you like my stories please hit the share buttons below. Talk to you later.