The girls & Frozen

As promised Miriam, mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of my friend and colleague Milton, send me some nice pictures of her princesses. Miriam herself a great photographer as you can see in the pictures below. I told her she knows to catch the moments, and this is not for everybody to reach.

I asked once to send me some pictures as it is for me an honor to make a nice picture with models like this. Thank you again Miriam. I needed some more information before i could start with something. Asked her what they both liked and it was the movie Frozen and the characters of the amazing animated persons. I recommend if you did not see the movie yet, go for it, a great family movie. Also i had to ask their lenght in proportion of each other, as i could not see it from the pictures she send me, (pictures below). Its about the quality of the selection how your work will be. As always this takes the most of the time and hair is the most difficult part. Fortunately in Photoshop cs7 the mathematical algorithm of the filters in this version of photoshop and if you no what to do with them, are great to work with and they make it more easy as in the earlier versions.

The girls have a beautiful skin so i took the pictures with the white background to make it a little easier for myself. I used a combination off the magic wand and the fast selection tool. refined the selection with a smart filterso the white background was gone. They look straight in the camera so i had to find a picture fom frozen with the figures looking this way to. Used google to find the picture of frozen, (see picture below). Now i needed a background for the complete picture because the frozen picture was a .png without any background. Again google helped me searched for snow. (picture below). I work only for fun so no commercial thoughts so i hope i can use the footage i found with google. Next step is layering and and trying to put the girls on the picture as real as possible. some blurs several gradient maps a light source and  done. Talk to you next time.