The moorland of Hilversum

For November it was a great day for a flight with my drone. Marja and i went to Hilversum to walk around the Moorland that was very near the city of Hilversum. The colors where gone already but the shots from out of the sky are still great. I met some nice people and Joris one of my friends who lives nearby the moorland with his girlfriend Samira.

Samira is the daughter of our oldest friends Ameur and Ineke. Joris told my in a short time so much about the moorland that i forgot the most of it. I remember he told us the moorland is really old and was pushed from Scandinavia to our country. I can't imagine how many years this took. The first shots from my short movie are very close to Joris and Samira's home as they live next to the moorland. So they have a great view from their apartments fourth floor. As i flew not so much lately it was again an excting experience for me. I brought my new Gopro 4 with me and used it for the second time now with my headstrap and gopro mount. In my opinion the movies are nicer if there are some shots of the drone in the movie too. My knee was hurting me so i could not walk so far without pain. The drone case i had on the shopping car with my camera inside the shopping car. I put the link of the youtube movie here for you. You can find the movie also on my website. please like my story. Talk to you later.