A long way to go

Had some ideas for a new song, but today it was not a music day. I moved to photoshop and found an old gopro 2 shot i made some years ago in Bosnia. I like railroads.

I feel the power and strength of it when i walk over it. I did not like my song so moved to photoshop found the picture of the railroad that i took in Bosnia some years ago. It was my old gopro 2 i used for this shot. just placed my action camera on the oak roadblock. It is always a surprise to see the picture later on the computer as you shoot blind with the gopro. Every time i see a railroad i need to take pictures of it. I think they are a kind of special, strong powerful for me. I love the wide angle lens for shots like this. The best shot with a wide angle fisheye are from low point of view, so this is my tip for you try to make the shots as low as possible and better low and in a reflected water or anything else thats reflecting. You get great shots. As always i liked the shot but in my mind i tried to figure out how to make the picture more interesting. What can i put in the shot to make it a better one. It had to be something you don't see every day. i did birds and planes and people and cars. Suddenly i had it, just a baby moving his way to home. So here are two. cut them out, placed them in two layers, one for their shadows. figured out how big they need to be for the perspective. It was a fast job so the selection is not so good but good enough for me as they are small and not detailed. Yeah i like it. So please share my story. Talk to you next time.