The four Cliffs

When my friend Cliff asked me to make a photo shoot of him, training at his gym. I said immediately yes. He came with the idea of more of him in one shot. So the "four Cliffs" where born. Cliff came with the idea to make this shot of him training at his gym. I can tell you now that this project was one of the most exited and fun things to do in a year for me.

We had so much fun before and after the photo shoot. When the idea was born, Cliff asked the manager of his gym if we could make the photo shoot. So we met last friday at the gym around 22:00 pm in Amsterdam. As we walked to the Gym we had so much pleasure before the shoot, and when we did the shots we had only 30 minutes before the gym closed so Cliff had to change cloths so fast he was sweating and laughing at the same time.Today i finished the picture and together we posted the picture on his Facebook channel. Within 15 minutes there where so much comments we had tears in our eyes from the laughs we had. It was more then we expected, i had so much fun doing this. Thanks Cliff i had a great time. You can find the picture on my channel and in my albums of coarse. In my ps projects album i show you the original 4 pictures and the final result.