Amazing grave

Today i used an amazing shot of, i think a church, (later i heard it was a family grave), also on my holiday in Karpathos. I always Thought "how do they build this! I try to work today ,as it is thursday, one day ahead, because tomorrow i am busy. I hope you know what i try to tell in my school English, pfff. I think every one knows what i mean, so i just go one.

This amazing shot from, i think it was a small church beside the road on a mountain in Karpathos Greece. Every time i see this shot come by in my collection, there is always the same question in my mind. How do they build this? imagine How much work it was to build it with all those small rocks and stones. It had to take a lifetime is what i thought over and over again. So i decided to give my thoughts more reality to put the sign in the front and gave the cross at the top some spiritual light. It was fun to make, i hope you like as i loved making it. Please share my story if you like it and go to this page. And again free downloads of all my pictures on my Flickr channel. My facebook channel is dutch so this is not really handy for the most people in the world. Of course you can find my pictures on this site as well. Talk to you later.