Mystery minds "The visit"

Again bad weather, time for photoshop. just searched through some old pictures and mixed two of them. used different light effects to get the result i wanted. The pictures are from a holiday in karpathos, one of the Greece islands i visit some years ago. Rob was fishing on the beach. I was looking for something and dramatic. The sky is the limit so i tried something.

Rob was looking to the sky so i thought i make an opening or door. In my search through the pictures i found the shot of the door that i took on Rhodos. The most diffiucult part of this project was to find the right perspective for the door in the sky. I used a lot of light effects and connected the wire from the rod and the visitor on the door, but you have to look carefull to see it. A lot of shadows and some blending technics made this result. I hope you like it as i do. We had a nice hotel next to this beach so i shot every night great pictures of us and of the ambience light. Now i use many of these backgrounds in my projects. It is great to have sky's, sunsets and sunrises. Please go to the pictures page to check my pictures

doorOriginal shots.robfishing