Graffiti below the bridge

As you know i did a photo shoot in Amsterdam at the Schellingwouderbrug. Ronald one of my best friends brought me to this place. i could not believe my eyes when i saw all this art from great graffiti artists from all over the world. I recommend to go to this place if you are in Amsterdam.

 15 March j.l. we went together to take pictures at the north side of Amsterdam near het y. there was a lot of wind and it was rather cold. So we left and we drove home. In the car we talked about our hobby, so i told Ronald i love to shoot graffiti as i love the colors and the work of the artists, and you cane make the pictures really stand out in post production. Suddenly he asked me if i ever saw the graffiti artwork under the schellingwouder bridge, and if i didn't i had to see that place. It is a well known place for graffiti artists from all over the world he told me. I said i know this bridge of course i drove many times over it. If you are a passioned photographer as i, you have to go it is awesome. I made an album of the footage on the site you can find it here. Below i show you the slideshow i made of the footage.  Sorry i made the wrong music for it. Please like my story for me and share them with your friends. Talk to you later.