Follow the race car

It is really hard to fly in my opinion, so i practice flights with my drone a lot. This time with my son Rob and good friend Ronald. They drove a race car and i tried to follow the car. I can tell you, its not so easy. At the end of the day i asked my son and dear friend after dinner to go with me to the baanstede industrial ground, as i would like to practice my flight skills and can use their help.

I brought my old rc race car and brought my repaired phantom. It was my intention to follow the car in flight. But the car was really fast and for them not so easy to drive. I tried to keep the car in my shot and thought i flew right. At home when we saw the footage we had a lot of fun. The car was so small because of the wide angle of the gopro camera, it was real hard to see in flight. I made the movie and published it on my youtube channel. still i hope you like to watch my movie. Talk to you later!