Windmill from the sky

My new short movie, and i am proud of it. The miller asked me kindly, to come not so close to the mill, went in and was not reachable for me any more, so i put my Card in his postbox and I hope he likes my footage. I think for an amateur ....learning every day! Best to watch in HD. I love this so much as i can combine all my interests together. The technical stuff: i opened my drone already more than 50 times, and i have him only 2 months now. Inside there is a flight controller, gps navigation, 4 engines with controllers a gyroscope.

Because of the many crashes i had in the beginning there are some damages at the plane i had to fix. I opened the motors to take the dirt out. Changed bearings from one motor already. Now the plane is still a little shaky and i found out one of the motors is trembling and gives resonance to the footage. I think one of the crashes bend the axis. I ordered a new one yesterday. I made the music for this movie with reason 7, very quickly so it is not so great, but i had no patience to work on it longer as i am so excited and want to publish the movie as soon as possible. At first i put a base drum in it, but later on i took it out as i liked it more without the kick drum for this movie. I learned its better to leave the format and resolutions of the footage as it is, the quality of the video is much better now, but you need to set the settings of youtube in HD for best quality. I tried photoshop this time to render my movie but this went wrong, i like what i can do with the filters and adjustment layers so need to practice more with it, Love it! So i made the movie with the newest version of Imovie. It was because of my idea to shoot a windmill, my wife and i left in the morning, Tuesday 28 April to the Riekermolen in Amsterdam nearby the kalfjeslaan and the river Amstel. I remembered this particular spot from my teenage time as fisherman and later on as a fireman. We ran always on the other side of the Amstel and saw this mill shine. The mill is great still and well maintained, but the small lake behind the mill, where we fished, is not reachable any more. There are always many busses with tourists at this spot so i wished there where not so many in the morning. I took off near the sculpture of Rembrandt and tried to be as steady as possible. There was not so much wind so i had the benefit of it. I have more ideas for movies so i'll be back. Talk to you later.