Tulips from above

On kings day Saturday morning i went to Egmond, to make a video of the tulips with my drone. many people asked me what i was doing there. i only told them it is a one of my passions! At last i repaired my drone and gimbal after some crashes. It is time to test him and make some footage with it. On kings day i drove to egmond and here i made the first real video with my phantom. I was really nerves because it was the first time after many crashes.

This time i knew i would be very careful and tried to keep him in the air and save. There was some wind but everything went well. the drone was flying really good, but i was scared to fly far and lose control, so i stayed nearby. At home i made this movie with iMovie. Today i learned more about postproduction. So the next time i will make a video of a windmill and bring up the quality of the movie more with photoshop. I made a song a while ago called hanging. i made it with reason. Its a very simple 4 chords song with some samples of voices from reasons factorybank. Unfortunately Youtube send me a mail to tell me the song was of someone else . So i made a reply that this song was from me i made it and there is only one. I like it and i hope you like it to. Here you can find my movie, tulips from above. It opens in a new window for you. Talk to you next time.