Drone flights

Finally i got him. my new gadget for video recording. The dji phantom 2. I love it. it is a hobby with consequences. I try to keep the budget low. Bought some parts in china. my gopro hero 2 is old already, but works fine for me now.

 This is awesome, never thought i liked it so much. every flight gives me a shot of adrenaline. My first flight was actually in the park behind my house. click this to see the movie of it. Still they are shaky but i am working on it. the gimbal and props have to be perfect in balance. This is a problem i have to solve. My second flight was in the purmer bos. I want to make really nice movies with it. It fits in my passions perfectly , while i love to make the songs and pictures as well. Put them together with imovie or gopro studio and show them to the world. It is because of this new gadget, i forgot all about my story. last sunday was the start of the summertime. The weather is great this week so i try to practice my flying skills probably. Below is the movie of my second flight. i had some crashes and believe me, they are not so good for the plane and gimbal with gopro camera. Today i receive my new propellors. I wait for them now, so i can fly this afternoon with a friend. I try to put many movies on my site or youtube. Love you, and talk to you later.

Drone shots  Drone movies