My trip to Florida

What an amazing experience. In one word awesome!. Thats how my trip to Florida was. Working on this story now....

We left in the early morning on 16 september to Schiphol airport, to visit my online friend Don and his wife Maryanne. They life in Deland Redwing village. Next to the St. Johns river. Everything we needed for this holiday I booked online. The rental car I found at thrifty, and the place we would stay I found on airbnb. Our hosts at lake mary, silversmith circle , Marie and Michael are also amazing nice people. Their house was ours during the stay of 10 days. What a house, what a swimmingpool, and what a nice big dog, called Major. Lost data from 2 of my sd cards , with the footage of the beautiful houses, hate it. Gladly I have many other pictures I can show you. The movie that I made from the airboat is amazing. We went to two firestations. Kennedy space center. A village called st augustine. We went to Daytona beach and Smyrna beach.  To nature springs where the water is so clear you can drink it. people and manatee are swimming here to cool of in the summer and the manatee's stay here with hundreds during the wintertime., last winter 400 they told us. They are just laying there , packed together like in a can. We call them here Seacows. Click on all the links I made here to view what I am talking about.















 The Cators, other word for alligator,  we could not see in the wild because of the heat and the time of the year. They told me they are afraid for people and when they are not anymore they must be killed.