My week in Newyork

The story of my week in Newyork, is a busy and emotional story. We went with the whole family and two friends. 8 persons 6 adults and my grandchildren Rico and Joy.. 

3 and 1 year old. So can tell you it was a busy week.  After a flight of 8 hours, and a drive with our personal transfer of 1 hour, we arrived at our apartment. We stayed in the apartment of Kenny, in Brooklyn. Great host can tell you that. Here  you can see the roof of the building of his apartmentbrooklynroof. It was a good choice to stay here roof, as it was not that busy, as manhattan. Every day we left early from there to the subway two blocks from our place with the kids in two buggy's. 45 minutes to manhattan. Other trips with the subway where much longer . We tried to visit as much as possible with the kids with us. It was because of our jet lag, from the 6 hours time diffrence, we all where every day very early. But we had a great time. It was Bianca in the first place who asked us to go to newyork. It was a present for her husband Ferry this trip. I made a poster for him for his birthday, you can find it below. I will put also some pics from our trip and the movie from time square, with my son Rob singing in it to. It was for me magnificient, first time in Newyork with all those amazing big buildings. But as an old fireman ground zero was for me the most emotional place to be! I brought my old fireman cap, and thought to give it to someone to put it on an memorial place. But unfortunately it was so crowdy, it was not possible to do it in the time we had. Maybe next time.  Time square was amazing thats why I made the first movie from this place. M&M and the disney store also amazing. We dutchies do not have places as big like that.  Saw only one firetruck in the streets of Brooklyn when we went to the big supermarket to buy our groceries. Also bigger as the one I drove in Amsterdam. Our firetrucks must be smaller as the streets in Amsterdam are very, how do you say that, thight, near, small. Its not possible to make the small turns with a big car like in the states. They are also much cleaner than our firetrucks. We clean them only once a week. But all policecars and the fire truck I saw really shiny. I had my osmo and dslr with to shoot as many possible footage I good make. 4K footage with the Osmo and raws with the dslr. I had 6 SD cards full in a week about 100gb of footage. Its now 32 degrees celsius here, midsummer so will make more movies when its autumn or in wintertime. Its to hot for me now, working under the airconditioner. After the upgrade of joomla, my website became much slower, must find out what the problem is. Okay enjoy my pics and movie, talk later my friends. One more thing!  Marja and I are going to Florida later! And guess what? I called American airlines if I could bring my Drone to Florida. They told me the rules, and I take the quad with me! I am driving the coastline to miami beach and more, so hope I can shoot some air footage, so excited!



My Son Rob is singing here! love it!