The Preventorium

My visit to the preventorium in Belgium, Dolhain, made me search for the history of that place, and so I found Etienne from 

 A rather new building for the eye, only completely destroid from the inside. The story goes here children stayed with an early infection of the tuberculosis disease. Those days around 1960, they thought it could be cured by rest and living in a healthy invirement. 30 years later there was nothing left of the disease as most people had a vaccination. Around the time of the preventorium thousands of people died every year from this infection disease. So it was a great place for children to stay and the goal even more. The progress of our medical health services, was the end of the preventorium . In 1990 it was not needed anymore. They tried to sell it but this never happened. Today, as you can see is there nothing left of once a amazing spot on an even more beautiful landscape. Thank you Etienne for the amazing postcards, I could use in my movie from you. Please visit his website by clicking on this link: Ronald my young friend from RDW-photography is showing his shots here on his Flickr page. From now on I will shoot always in 4K as I found out the advantage off it! The movies I make in full hd always so there is a lot of material extra to use. I can make zooms and movements without any loss of quality. The dji osmo has more quality shooting in 4k in my opinion. The phantom 4 in 4k is also great, as everything is more nearer on a 1080 timeline.  Made new sounds special for this story with reason as always. Used the osmo this time for the green screen shot of me. Also first time auto que, found out it can help you, as I normal try to remember what I tell but with a longer story like this its much easier to have a reminder rolling in front of you. In aftereffects I removed the green screen behind me and brought the picture of the rescue ladder in. The rest is built with premiere pro, its the best program to use in my opinion. What reason is for audio is premiere pro for video, love it.  So  talk next time. Stay tuned for more.




My osmo setup for keying at home, also use a rodes micro mic. for the audio. directly on the osmo as an external mic. for much better quality. my old macbook with the free online auto que, just copy and past in the window on their website , works well for me. It works for me. Here you can find it. Best way is to put the osmo horizontal so it is not in front of the auto que screen. You have to try a bit what the best setup is. my final setup was with the autoque much lower. This was neccesary because I had to look into the camera when talking. And when the osmo is to low you are not that good in the shot. because of the 4k footage it is easy in post prod. to fit yourself in the right place on the screen. It was the first time for me with the teleprompter. You need some experience to tell your story, not reading it as a book. two lights to light the screen behind me and one directly in front of me. A litlle powder for the nose will help to stop the shiner. Okay next movie is about my trip to newyork.