Puzzle Pieces

Today working on a tutorial to show you the power of this amazing puzzle action with photoshop. from working on this story now...

The puzzle pieces you can find under the texturizer filter to, but someone made an action of it. If I can find his name I will bring here a link of the creator. you can have a lot of fun with it, but there are a few easy steps to do.

To make it easy for you to find the action you can download it here! The download starts from my site immediatly. Here you can download the helpfile in pdf format.

The easiest way to bring the action in your action panel, is to choose in photoshop open file and select the action and open it. Now it is in the action panel. If you don't no where the action panel is.

Go to windows and choose actions. Scroll down to find the puzzle piece action. There are different to choose from, they all depent of the size of your picture.

Choose a size and make with this in mind a new file in photoshop with the right dimensions. You can do it with every picture, but the pieces will not fit right if your document is the right size for the choosen puzzle.

In the new document just drag your picture in photoshop. It comes in as an smart object. While holding shift go to a corner and make your picture the size of the document it is better to make it bigger.

Then hit return to put your picture in the document. Now you are ready to make the puzzle with the choosen puzzle action. Select it in the action panel and click on the play button. The action will do the rest for you.

When finished it will ask you to check the bevel sttings for the site of each piece, click ok and select the bevel and change the value, press ok and Done! puzzle2

Now each puzzle piece is on a different layer and you can move them seperatly. For this you use the move tool or press control T on your keyboard to select the transform tool.


I am working on the tutorial movie for youtube now, voice over coming soon..