Fort de La Chartreuse

My visit to this place was amazing, sorry after update of joomla there where some problems I was not able to edit and make new articles. Special Thanks to Dennis for his assistance. 

We left in the morning from our base in Zuid Limburg, to go Belgium region Luik this time. It was a drive of 45 minutes to fort de la Chartreuse. This is why I like our base in Limburg, Germany, Belgium or Holland Urban area's are average only 30 minutes from our base.

The team consist of Ronald, Dyon, Marja and me. We are always very exited when driving to a new urban area. This time the abandoned Fort de la Chartreuse. An old military basecamp. Build as we know it in 1830 by dutchmen. They fought hard for this place. In the first and second world war, the germans took it and used it as a prison. At the end of world war two the american army took the area and used is as a military hospital. 

It is empty since 1988. The atmosphere was historically charged, we felt this when walking around the area. I like to mention this area is very easy to reach and open for everyone. So Urban starters go, go, go. But be carefull don't go higher than the first floor of the buildings. The roofs are collapsed as you can see in my footage. Always look up before entering a room or building.

They made a park of it and the area is open now so a great change for photographers. The wheather was unfortunately not so good so it was most of the days not possible to fly with the drone. I needed the footage so flew between the rain.

Used the dji osmo for the first time.  I bought this camera for only one reason. the weight I carry with my dslr is much. Now I have only my backback for the drone and a small bag with the Osmo inside. No tripod in the future!

The pictures below and my short movie from my youtube channel shows it all. So I like to tell you more about the dji Osmo. 

The footage of the Osmo is average but for digital purpose good enough. I am a postproduction man, found out the shots from the osmo need more time before I was happy with the results. In the dark area's of the buildings there was a lot of noise in the footage. It was my first time so everything was automatic. I believe the footage will be better after some practice.

The power of this small gadget is overall the stability of the shots. even a panorama or time laps is possible without a tripod just by shooting from hand. No weight, only the osmo. For me only benefit.

But the dslr , my nikon, makes much more better shots much more data in raws much more everything. Enjoy the pictures and the movie.

Talk to you later and stay tuned for more... You know I like to tell my stories to the world, so please share them with your friends, thanks!