Hitfeld "Dead city of Graffiti"

A few weeks ago we went to the christmas market in Valkenburg. We left from Simpelveld limburg where we stayed with my friends Ronald and Dyon. Along the way We saw a fench next to the road and later we found a hidden or lost city behind that fench.

It was the old abandoned Belgium base camp Hitfeld. Hitfeld is in Germany but the base camp was used by belgium militairs. It is now completely destroyed and used by graffiti artists to practise their art. So the next day we went through the fench and spent 3 hours on the area. It was a windy day, a bit spooky. Below you can see the footage i made together with my best friends. It is the first time i made a movie with premiere pro, and certainly not the last time i use it. I like the program very much. Today i am learning the program after effects also from adobe. So stay tuned for more . I hope you like this movie, sharing will be appriciated. Talk to you later friends. My final version of the movie is a lot better. My friend Spotflyer and Mr. LeBlanc gave me more footage. Detail shots and the drone shots from Peter made the movie complete. Also the music i made for the final movie fits great into the interactivity of the scenes. Love it! sometimes everything comes together. Hope you watch my final of Hitfeld it is great! thanks for being here, talk to you later!