High key photoshoot

I asked a friend if his daughter would like to join my high key photoshoot, and the next day he asked me allready when the shoot was. So i build my high key studio in my livingroom. working on this story now...

My living room is rather long so it is a great thing to build the studio here. highkeystudioFor me it was the first time to do a high key shoot and on the right you can see my setup.

I used a lot of light before a white backdrop. three soft boxes and two speed lights with umbrella's. You can see the flowers as a result of this setup. However I did not get the shutter speed high enough for a shoot out of my hand. There was still not enough light, so I used my tripod to for my camera and asked the models to stay still.  

My first tryout shots with me as a model showed me I had just enough room for body shots,mehighkey and I used a third flash on my camera to control the speedlights and to bring in some front light as well. Everything worked out fine but I believe my approach was not the best one.

In a real high key studio, all the walls are white so there is many white light bounching from all the walls. In a livingroom is this not the case.

For the final results I turned up the exposure compensation 3 stops! with a aperture of 4.5 and my iso on 800. shutterspeed around a third of a second. The lens I use is a 105 mm 2.8 nikon. So maybe this is the problem, I had to stand  far away, almost at the end of my livingroom, to bring the models in the shot.

I like the lens very much for portraits and close ups. Special for shooting children because they are more comfortable when i am not so close when i take the pictures.

Finally I used the raws in photoshop. cropped and white balanced, smooth the skin a little and thats it. I also made a short movie from some of the pictures i made from Bo. The first time i worked with adob premiere pro and after effects. Learning every day, but i love it! Below you can see the results of my shoot.  

Thank you for reading my stories. Stay  tuned for more, and if you like them please share them with your friends.