Power Body

 A while ago I asked Marc to send me pictures from him showing some poses. He is preparing his shape for a competition in Oktober or November I believe.  

This is the story of my project building his pictures with photoshop for his portfolio. Marc's training buddy's shot mostly the pictures with cellphone's and as I saw them on his facebook page I knew we could make them better. Thanks for the pictures guys!

The pictures from cellphones are small the shots Marc send me are around 300-400 KiloBites. Less data means less sharpness, but i think they look great! This is why we made an appointment for a photoshoot in November at my place, or on a location somewhere outside.

Once I had a body too, but now I am the opposite of Marc. In the past I did my workouts and diets with supplements and everything needed for a good shape. Thats why I have respect for guys like Marc, I know how hard it is and I know how much disicipline you need to come so far like Marc is today. All the energy all the workouts and all the money it costs, its a lifestyle, but it takes all of you.

It takes many years to build a body like Marc, and it is even more difficult to keep it. Off season you have to build more muscle and strenght with workouts every day. 2 muscle groups each day and isolate them from the rest of your body. Every day abs to burn the deep fats. Besides the strength workouts you need to feed the body six time each day. Meals with many energy and proteins, and finally very important , Rest! The muscles grow in rest, they have to recover after the training, at least 48 hours. There are many ways for bodybuilders to reach their goal. In my days I trained every muscle group twice a week and after 5 days I took a rest of two days. And so on, week in week out.

Back to the pictures. Below I made a slide of the pictures to show you all. Some are better as always. Every picture started with a selection with the pen tool. This is in my opinion the only tool who can make the selection you need when you have smaal pictures and not so many data to work with. It is always about the selections. The path takes a while and patients, but it is worth it.The feather of the selections is important to, and in this case always 1,5 pixel.

The first thing you have to do is duplicating the original layer. And to make the blur of the background do not use the gaussian blur but the surrounding blur. after this I moved The selection of Marc on top of the blurred background.

Actually the smoke was fire but I made many gradient maps on top of them to achieve the bronse colour I liked. THe fire became smoke.

The picture of Marc his back in the dojo. I found the shot of the dojo on internet, cropped and fitted it for use. Again gradient maps to bring everything together. Always use gradient maps to bring things together!  

Talk to you later, stay tuned for more, and sharing will be appreciated