My blog, (today)

It is of the things that happened in my life, i am who i am now. It also feels like a privilege i can do so. After a life of work and business i embrace the mornings as i am a morning human now. In this way i changed also. Here you find the shots and footage from places i go to every day, week or month. I like to write. As i told earlier i try to remember also the stories of my work and life. I think i can tell a lot of stories from the old days in my other article blogs so please come back and read those as well. I hope you share the stories you like with your friends. It is my opinion that people all over the world in this modern digital time must share the things they do with each other, so we can connect emotionally although we never met.

It is my believe if we do so the world will change in a better place, with less war and less unnecesarry violence, this communication will give respect and love although we are living far away from each other. I hope you like my stories i mean to write a lot of them, maybe you can see them like columns from a writer or what ever. They are for me valve to go one. I never had these needs to share my thing with you, but live changed me, and above all i know how it works without spending to much money doing it. Above shot i made with my drone in Amsterdam. The miller asked me friendly please do not fly so close to the mill, as the mill is his life.Talk to you later.




My trip to Florida

What an amazing experience. In one word awesome!. Thats how my trip to Florida was. Working on this story now....

The Preventorium

My visit to the preventorium in Belgium, Dolhain, made me search for the history of that place, and so I found Etienne from 

Start Photoshop tutorials

Last few weeks I made some photoshop tutorials. In dutch language. Speaking english is for me difficult.

cockpitview Cockpit view

Made with photoshop a cockpit view. Found a picture of a cockpit  and removed the windows, made them transparance by saving it as a gif.

My week in Newyork

The story of my week in Newyork, is a busy and emotional story. We went with the whole family and two friends. 8 persons 6 adults and my grandchildren Rico and Joy.. 


Pitching in Flight

Some months quiet busy my friends , but I am back now. On my movies page there are several new movies I made.

Puzzle Pieces

Today working on a tutorial to show you the power of this amazing puzzle action with photoshop. from working on this story now...


Fort de La Chartreuse

My visit to this place was amazing, sorry after update of joomla there where some problems I was not able to edit and make new articles. Special Thanks to Dennis for his assistance.