From a car to a child

 Yesterday i had a conversation with Huub on the birtday party of a good friend Betty. Suddenly i remembered a job i like to share with you from my time as a professional rescue diver. For me the jobs were children are involved in, are the most tragic and regrettable, as i had children of my own from the same age.


The big guy

This is a story you can not believe i you hear it, but again a true story. One of my jobs as a rescue diver. I remember the call came in, a man missing and in front of his house there is a lake. We left with the dive truck with four divers, to go to the north site of Amsterdam.


Hidden below our ladder

In my memory suddenly came up this job. It was a lesson for us rescue divers, it would never happen again. I know that the rescue attempt was in one of the canals of Amsterdam, somewhere in the centre of Amsterdam.. But as I mentioned before, the jobs are so hidden in my head that I have to dig deep to remember them. This is all i can remember, it happend many years ago.