The big guy

This is a story you can not believe i you hear it, but again a true story. One of my jobs as a rescue diver. I remember the call came in, a man missing and in front of his house there is a lake. We left with the dive truck with four divers, to go to the north site of Amsterdam.

It was a special situation. Family members were looking for a man who left his dog and clothes on the grass at the side of a small lake. The dog was looking to the water and hold on his place by a stone on his belt or collar. The man left home after some relation trouble, and never came back. i remember i searched the whole lake or pond. It was not so deep, some areas where 8 or 10 feet, but in general it was 5 feet around 1,5 meter. I rememeber the search was made real difficult of the many water plants below the surface, and as always as dark a hell. After the search with 2 divers and we found nothing. We stopped and our officer told the family we could not find him in the water. So we left. I told earlier how are shifts work in another story. The shifts of fireman in Amsterdam are 24 hour shifts. So the next day i had a day off. Two days later on my next shift we had to go again to the place of the incident. One of my colleagues lived next to the place where all of this happened. It was his day off, and he walked his dog in the morning throwing a stick in the water, his dog jumped in the water and fetched the stick as he walked on the grass near the pond.

Some moment his dog was in the water and barked a lot not coming with the stick out of the water. He called him but the dog barked to the ball and tried to bring it to the shore, but failed every time as it seemed to be stuck on something. What i am gonna tell you now is rather strange but true. The ball was not a ball but the head off the man we where looking for. The top of his head was floating on the surface fortunately his body was attached on it below the surface of the water. Two days ago he walked in the water after leaving his clothes and dog on the grass, he did this in a depressed moment of his life after some arguments with his girllfriend. This time the call we had for the job was a quiet one, only the phone ringed for the dive master and we left without sirens with four divers. When we arrived at the spot it felt strange as i did not find him two days earlier. I remember so many people along the road as we drove to the place, but i never felt so much quitness. So many people and the silence hurt my ears. I swam to him with respect, and when i tried to bring my arms around him i saw how huge he was. For me he was a giant, i am a small guy. His arms where more like my legs and he was so heavy and big. I remember his body felt so hard and strong, when we tried to bring him to the grass. And again so many people around who watched me, and the silence hurt my ears, i will never forget this. Rest in peace big guy and sorry i did not find you the first day. Talk to you later friends.