From a car to a child

 Yesterday i had a conversation with Huub on the birtday party of a good friend Betty. Suddenly i remembered a job i like to share with you from my time as a professional rescue diver. For me the jobs were children are involved in, are the most tragic and regrettable, as i had children of my own from the same age.

Also my experience learned me when you suitable for jobs like this, you can sleep and live on, because in your heart you know that somebody has to do them. sorry for my english, i hope you understand what i try to say. It is not the job that wakes you sweating it is the moment in your life you did not expect to happen to you. As a  professional rescuer in general, you learn how to make real fast scenario in your head of the job it is a way of thinking, it is my believe this difference, separates the ones who are suited for this work. I did it all the time. Brought the most worst scenario in my head and so it was always easier. There is just one job that wakes me sweating some nights. It is not the job i am going to tell you about. You can find this job here on my site, it opens for you in a new window. Unfortunately i can not remember the year and the exact place, only the way it hapened and were it started. We had a call just before dinner time and the call was about a car in the channel at the side of our police head office at the lijnbaansgracht. It is the channel on the map below. It was a huge american car. There was no hurry as the car owner stood on the road looking down to his car with the police. As always two divers in the water each on a side of the front wheels. Together with my colleague diver i digged in the mud at the bottom of the channel to wrap the single around the axcle behind the wheels and both go on the pulley of the crane.

Rescue divers in Amsterdam are connected with a life line, this line is hold by an standby diver on the shore. Suddenly they pulled me to the surface and brought me to the side of the channel. We have an emergency call, i heard, a child dropped into the water and we have to go. Loaded everything in our truck and left in a hurry to the spot with emergency lights and sirens on. I don't remember the place where it but i never forget what i saw when we arrived. The father was in the water in his under wear looking for his child, there was a small bicycle on the grass and many people around the water. The father was in the water till his underwear so i knew it wass not deep. The ambulance arrived when i entered the water and it took me just one strike with my flippers to find the boy on the bottom of the channel. They pulled me to the side and i lifted the boy to give him to my coleagues on the shore. As i tell this story to you. There is another thing i like to share with you. The nurses of the ambulance they layed the boy on the stretcher he was pronounced dead immediatly. Those days it was the normal procedure as we did not knew todays protocols. We learn every day. Some years later i had a complete opposite experience. This story you can find here on my site. If you like my story please share them eith your friends. Talk to you later.