Like a zombie

I have to dig deep in my mind as the jobs i did are in my memory, but they are on a spot far away, so i can live with it without problems i believe. I am not doing it deliberately but it is in my nature. It's the way i can live with them i think. I never saw so many experienced firemen young and old freeze for minutes. This is certainly a great story to tell with so far as i know a happy end.

It was a sunday afternoon many years ago we had a call to go to the industrial area besides the maple leaf chewing gum factory. There was an explosion in a factory where they made colourings for paint. As we ran to the trucks we all thought "It is sunday factory's are closed now". When we drove the message came in by radio, It was closed but three men where working in one of the halls and there was the explosion. I remember a big square with a fence around it behind the chewing gum factory, but not one of us was here before it was a bit hidden this factory. Just behind the entrance of the fence was a big barrack from metal with two large doors. The left door was half opened turned inside and the right door was entirely open. Both they turned to the inside of the barrack. When i think about this now they had to be open before the explosion, because otherwise the explosion closed them as the pressure pushed them open instead of closing them. We arrived with many trucks the truck with our air supply was also at the spot. I remember i looked throught the doors and saw some little flames in the back, like a fluid fire, a lot off fluids on the ground, and in the middle one of the man on his back with his hands up but it was clear he was not with us anymore.  It was to dangerous to go in as the fluid and damps could be toxic. The gave us the command to fill the floor with heavy foam to stop the cause of a greater fluid fire and close the damps of the fluid as well. I stood in front of the doors outside with my foam can and the distributor that controlled it. One of my colleagues had the line in front of me and pushed the foam all over the floor off the barrack. All other firemen had to wait for the moment it was save enough to go inside to look for the other men.

After 20 minutes of pushing foam across the floor, i remember the man in the middle was completely under the foam, i saw only his hands coming out. The right door start moving with an sound as in a horror movie. It was moving by itself. But suddenly a man appeared from behind the door, or what was left of him. He looked and walked like a zombie towards us. Everyone frooze and in the minute we frooze the man walked to the right with only a little piece of his clothes hanging around him made some strange sounds had burns all over him, no hair, one eye was out of his face it was a terrible view. Than the command was given hold that man and cool him keep him save! The man was so incredible lucky he flew by the explosion through the air and dropped behind the door that was creating a small corner of safety for him. The door closed in front of him so it saved him from a lot of pressure and fire and maybe more. The man told us, as we helped him before the arrive of the ambulance, i had to call home to tell his son he could not go with him today to the soccer game. He was in shock but told us he had only pain  in his genital area. Sometimes this means bad things are coming later on. As a human inhales a hot fireflame all the lung empholia are burned so at first there is no trouble but at home or hospital they drown in their own lung fluid. I don't know it was because of the fast help we gave him, but i heard much later he was alive and still working at his factory.  A happy end at last. I can't remember the other man i think he was the one who called in the incident, but i am not sure. Talk to you later.