My first luck

I have many experience with luck, i guess i am a lucky guy when it goes about my job as a fireman or diver. I like to tell you a day i remember it was one of my first experience with my luck. I learned a lot that day. One of my first fires in Amsterdam, it was in the middle of the old centre at the red light district. Sorry can not find any pictures of it.

The fire started on the first floor of a hooker house The reason of the fire was a short circuit of the old electrical wires. The first thing we do when we arrive at an incident is to find water and checking there are no people inside the building. Water was here no problem as it was near a canal. The three or four apartments i can't remember how high it was. We had to go through each floor. We always go with two and only when there is water on the lines. Everything worked well this time and as a young fireman it feld great. No one was inside as customeres of the hookers and the hookers themselves disappeared in a flash. Its my opinion the guys where married and the girlls are mostly illegal. So no one stayed to wait for police and fireman. After the command fire under control i we checked all the floors again and on the first floor where the fire started the room was entirely burned out. Every thing  was gone. This is what most peolel do not understand. In minutes you have nothing everything of your life is gone. I searched the burned furniture and found in a burned cabinet some iron cake cans with a lot of money in it. It was i believe the income of the day. Brought it down to give to the police at the spot. Told my collegues i was going up again to find hopefully more as the owner would be glad to have his money back, before the cleaners went in.

I moved up a floor where the fire did not burn so much as the floor below where it started. From the front door i looked in the apartment and everything seems to be much saver as the one below. It was not so full with furniture i remember. In the middle of the floor was a big carpet and at the other side was a small cabinet. I walked over the carpet to the cabinet to check it for money when suddenly i dropped through the floor. There was a hole in the floor that i could not see as the carpet was lying over it. The fire burned the wooden floor and made the planks so thin they could not hold my weight. It happens in a split second so you just go down and can not do anything about it. It where the big old wooden beams and my air cylinder on my back who saved my life. My cylinder blocked on the big wooden beams where normally the floor is build on. The one my cylinder dropped on was to big for the fire to burn completely through, so i hung with my legs through the floor and my upper body in the room above. After some seconds i realized what happened and it was easy enough to pull myself up and move to the side of the room. I went down and honestly forgot to check the cabinet. This happened in the year 1981 i was 23 years old and only 3 years a fireman. Never walked in a room alone again and always stayed on the sides when they where made from wood. By all means, this can only happen in old apartments where all the floors are made from wood, but there are so many in the old centre of Amsterdam. Talk to you later friends.