The money job

There we are in the middle of a house full of money. This picture was taken by the police, because we asked for it. From left to right my colleagues: Jack, Willem, Frank and me. It was 1982.I think it was 1982 on a normal shift in my third year that i was a fireman.

At eight a clock in the morning, as always, we switched shifts. And my job with 3 of my colleagues was on the Baby that day. We called it the baby because it was a very small rescue car for only 3 or 4 fireman. We used it only for straightforward jobs like garbage dumpster fires, taking cats out of trees and other small events. Later on i link a picture for you. That afternoon we received a call from someone nearby our station, that they smelled a strange kind of air in their apartments. The baby turned out to respond this call. We arrived after a few minutes because the address was on the weesperzijde, just around the corner of our station. Later on i link for you a picture of this. And actually there was a smell of petrol in the porch. The petrol smell was coming from un upper floor apartment. So we installed our ladder against the frontage and looked through the window of the second floor. When Willem came down he told me we need to call the police at once. When i looked through the window i saw money every where on the floor of the apartment. When the police arrived we opened the door together. And what we saw was really amazing. Money on every spot in every room and corner. It was foreign money. Suitcases full with allready changed money. I knew this was a once in a life time job, so asked the police photographer to make this picture of us sitting in the money. They made a mistake to clean the money with petrol. After some minutes with the police in the livingroom a man came in and said he did the plants for a friend, he tried to leave but the police brought him to their station for questioning. Later we heard the money was from a robbery.