dutchUKflagMy second home

In 1984 we moved to this fire station. It was my second home for 29 years. On the Ringdijk 98 in Amsterdam. I always called it a "pishoek". I don't know how to translate that.I hope the way i use my school english is not irritating you. This is all i can, and most of the time i google words i don't know how to write, shit happens. This station was my second home for the last 29 years of my career as a fireman.


dutchUKflagOur second apartment

After the birth of our Son Rob we moved to the north side of Amsterdam. Here we stayed the next 10 years of our lives. It was in the last mont of 1983. Our rent was 225 guilder for a month.While my wife was pregnant for the second time, I searched for a larger apartment, and found one to rent, on the north side of Amsterdam. We lived in the kalkoenstreet, for 10 years. I was 26 years old. Rob was 9 months and Marja 25. We received our key on 5 December 1983.


dutchUKflagFinally we bought a house

At the age of 35 we moved to Purmerend in Noordholland. For privacy reasons i do not tell my address in my story, while we still live here. It was because of the trouble we had on the north side of Amsterdam, therefor we decided to leave Amsterdam. We rented our other homes but i thought it was time to buy one.


dutchUKflagThe funeral of Paul

Paul died on 17 september 2013, at the age of 29. It was his own choice to leave us. We could not prevent it. He left his brother, father, mother and the girlfriend and son of his brother behind. Today it was his birthday. We all miss him very much. It was the most difficult day in my life. The day i had to say goodbye to my son Paul forever.


dutchUKflagMy mother in law

I have to tell you about Sophia my mother in law, as she was a sweetheart and the most honest human i ever met. This story is to remember her, as she earned it. It was the second tragedy in our family blood line. My father died first. Now i know she had a difficult time in the years she lived with my father in law.


dutchUKflagThe birth of Paul

Our second son Paul, was born in the kalkoenstraat where we lived for 10 years. His brother Rob, was only 13 months older. The reason for this was , they grew up together as 2 brothers who liked each other very much. We succeeded.Paul was a special child even before he was born. He was a breech presentation, but in the last week of his birth the doctor turned him around, so he was born the correct way. He knew always what he wanted, and there was no way to change his mind.


dutchUKflagMy last day as a fireman

After 34 year, i reached my retirement age as a fireman. It was a special day, my colleagues picked me up from home and brought me for the last time to my fire station. It was a day with many emotions. Saturday 30 June 2012 was a special day for me in my life. My last day of work as a fireman in Amsterdam. A day with a lot of emotional moments, i never forget. I had to leave my second family but i was ready. I think i switched hundred times from happy to sad that day.



As soon as my kids where going to school i began my own company to earn some extra money. Next to my job as a fireman i had a lot of spare time. This was because of the 24 hour shifts we worked in. Fireman in Holland are still working like this 24 hours in the station and after the shift next morning you are free 24 hours.  Handy as i am, it was time to start something new.


The kinky wedding

I took me a whole year to organize this party. But i did it with pleasure and finally i still wasn't happy with the result. One thing i learned from this, it is almost impossible to enjoy your own party's as the details are giving you to much work. But no one noticed and everyone had a great time. working on this story now....