The birth of Rob

In our time line its now 1983. So before i tell you about my second home. I tell you about the birth of my first son Rob. The moments i tell you, made me who i am today.There was in all the years of my life at the fire department only one day i didn't liked. I loved the job . Because i am from nature a helper, i like to make my friends around me as happy as i am.

This is who i am, my wife and i are from head to toe, down to our bones, helpers, its in our blood. Its why we met at the age of 14, and why we are together now after 42 years and still helping people. Before i tell you about my other home at the fire department. It is now in our timeline the moment to tell you about the birth of my first son Rob. He was born in march 1983. We thought it was time to have children, we where at the age of 25 and 26. In the early morning of 9 march after 13 hours of giving birth he was on this world. He is born at our apartment where we lived on the third floor at the oostersekade 2. In the bedroom i made our bed appropriate for the midwife, by putting four empty beer crates, that i borrowed from the local supermarket, upside down under the legs of the bed, so it was high enough. We never drank alcohol or smoked that time. I started with my first drink and smoke at the age of 35 around the time my father died. For us it was only work and now the start of a new home life. While i knew of my wife pregnancy, and we had a job schedule planned for a year. I asked the fire department 6 months before Rob was born, i liked to hold my holidays, to be with my wife and son some weeks. It was not a problem, they told me. So that morning so tired as i was.

I left my home to go to the community building to denounce the birth of my son. After this i had to go to the human resources department of the fire brigade to tell them my son was born and want to take the holidays i hold now, to be with my wife and new born son. That office was those days on the james watt street in Amsterdam. But instead of congratulate me with the birth of my son, the man at the office told me that it was impossible now to use my days since it was the wrong time of the year and to busy. A second after he told me this, i remember that i was never so angry before in my life. At the moment i went to him to drag him across his desk , fortunately, an officer i knew opened the door and cried, "Ronald what are you doing". He took me to the office across the hall. I explained my story to him. He congratulated me and told me to go home and do my thing. I was 2 weeks with my wife and son, and heard nothing about the situation ever. Today Rob is 30 years old, his job is electrician in a company called Mazurel from to of my friends in purmerend, where we life now but thats another story. Later on i link some pictures of the places. The stories i share with you ,are moments in my life that left a lasting impression so i remember them... I hope you like them. Talk to you next time.