The cat and the rat

With this picture i won a price in 1982. The cat did not know what to do. For me it was a lucky shot that early morning.After i finished the most of our apartment with the help of my father in law, i went outside now and then with my camera. One early morning i made this shot in the nieuwe uilenburgerstraat near my home.

Initially i saw the street cat who i always love to shoot as you can see in my albums. It was the way the cat watched the edge of the road that i noticed the rat in the gutter. The rat was hard to see because of his colour, and he knew this. I think he went home after a late night diner . The cat was so surprised, that he did not no what to do. The rat passed very quickly and disappeared in the oude schans. For me, i think, it was a lucky shot that morning. later i link for you to pictures of those streets in Amsterdam. I tried to shoot today in Amsterdam but it was raining whole day long. I like to show you exactly where the picture was taken that year. Tomorrow i like to tell you about the fire station I worked 34 years, and our straight shifts. Talk to you later.