The story of Wodan my german shepherd is a love story. He was the best friend i ever had. He was with me for 8 years . He was the bodyguard of my children. He was in pain in his last years but he never complained about it. A great friend to remember.We stayed 5 years on our apartment at the oostersekade 2 ,on our third floor. Every day when i went to my work i looked at the montelbaans toren.

On the attic i made my darkroom for the photography i loved. That first year many things happened, it was 1979. Left Valkenberg to start my training at the fire brigade, the training took 3 months but i earned money as well. My first day of work at the firestation Willem ,was in august of that year. I was a fireman for 34 years. So i think you could say that Marja and i worked as a lifesaver for the rest of our life's, about our work i like to tell you later on. i think I like to tell you how i met Wodan my best friend ever. In the nights Marja did her nightshifts in the hospital, i was in the air, talking to the world with my illegal 27 MHz CB transmitter. Because i am a digital dude it was easy for me to build. i made an aerial outside on the balcony on the iron garbage can so i could transmit. One day my father asked me to find for him a dog to keep him company after the divorce from my mother. The night before he asked me this i,ve heard them talk on my cb about a dog who needed a new home. I asked around and found out that the dog stayed with a man nearby my home kadijksplein 8. Because the dog was for free i asked Marja to pick him up the next day for the reason that i had a 24 hour shift at the fire brigade and was afraid that the dog was already gone. Marja drove around that time an old austin mini and i never thought about the size of the dog.

The next morning i went home and the moment i opened my door, the dog jumped straight up to me and kissed me in the face. He was huge, and again it was love on first sight. That day i told Marja and my dad, sorry, but this dog stays with me. i found a friend there must be a reason that we met.His name was Wodan. Marja told me, it was really not easy to drive with him in her small car because of his size, his weight was around 40 kg that time he was about 1 year old and a German shepherd male dog, who was big for his age. In a very short time we discovered what a great friend he was. He taught me about friendship, from which we could learn. Protected Marja and my home when i was at my work. But above all, he was the bodyguard of my children. I remember that he taught me that his way of barking was for me easy to recognize. When he barked like a small dog, very high for him, he was in control when he guarded my sons. But when the bark was low and loud as his own, he needed my assistance, to talk to my boys. At the moment of writing this, i miss him again very much. Sleep well my friend.