Two more party's

To celebrate our 50th birthday we made two other party's. In this story, i like to show you some pictures from those party's.  The first party was in  august 2007 it was the year of my 50th birtday. The second party was in may 2008 for my wife Marja.  I can tell you this, great memories, but unfortunately i can not switch back the time. working on this story now....

I remember my party was a party of Flugels and bunny's and i will never forget the stripper, she was given to me as a birthday present. The reason they choose her was because there where allready so many beautiful girls around me.  



In May the next year we made a 70th 80th party for Marja her birthday. Really great music and an evening i never forget. Enjoy the pictures and talk to you next time.