The story of my life

After my son Paul died, something happened to me and my wife Marja. We both changed emotionally and physical  for the rest of our life. We also got inspiration to do things we never thought we would do. Marja had the need to  write poems in here most difficult times, and i changed as well. I began to write songs, start singing, something i never thought i would do. His dead opened something in us, and closed something as well. There is absolutely a life for us before and after his dead. For all of us i think. I now say:" just moving on with the ones i still have and love. In my world today there is missing one. But I have my wife Marja, my oldest son Rob, his Girlfriend Jolanda, my amazing grandson Rico, He was born exactly at the right time to help us through those emotional days. He brought light in my house every time he was brought to me. And now in February a granddaughter is coming to my world. I am not a believer, i have no faith of any kind, i don't need something to hold me on in my life, a believe i mean. I am strong enough to go on. In my proffession as a fireman in Amsterdam i saw enough really bad things, helped people out of difficult situations, so i think there are some things to tell. I have the need to tell and share my life stories with the world. Some moments i have to keep private i hope you understand, but this itch to write everything down happened to me, and i will follow it till i die. Unfortunately i use my school english as this is all i have, but i think it is readable for you. Talk to you later.

Na de dood van mijn zoon Paul, zijn Marja en ik veranderd. We zijn allebei zowel emotioneel als fysiek veranderd voor de rest van ons leven. Zijn overlijden heeft dingen bij ons los gemaakt waarvan ik niet wist dat ik ze bezat. Marja schreef gedichten in haar meest emotionele momenten. Eigenlijk schudde ze ze uit haar mouw, zo makkelijk ging dat, met de nadruk op ging want die inspiratie is nu voorbij. Ik begon liedjes te schrijven en ze zelf te zingen. Nu heb ik echt geen inspiratie meer het lukt gewoon niet meer, het blijft bij een beetje gepingel zeg maar. Ja ik kan met zekerheid zeggen, en spreek voor ons beide, dat ik een ander leven leid na Paul dan voor Paul. Tegenwoordig zeg ik."Ik ga door met wat ik over heb" Met alles wat ik doe mist er gewoon 1. Maar ik heb gelukkig genoeg om dagelijks naar uit te kijken, Rob de oudste, samen met Jolanda, zijn vriendin, die mij 2 heerlijke klein kinderen heeft gegeven. Rico en Joy. Ik ben geen gelovig mens, dat heb ik niet nodig in mijn leven. Ik ben sterk genoeg, heb geen houvast nodig althans geen geloof. Ik heb mijn hele leven mensen geholpen en naar dingen toe gerend waar andere van weg liepen. Als Brandweerman genoeg rottigheid meegemaakt en mensen uit bizarre omstandigheden gehaald. Maar ik kan jullie bekennen dat als Rico er niet was geweest nadat Paul uit het leven was gestapt, het anders met mij was afgelopen. Die jongen is het licht in mijn leven. Ook kreeg ik een enorme behoefte om mijn verhaal te vertellen, ik hoop dat jullie dat snappen. Het is een uitlaatklep geworden, en ik blijf ze schrijven tot aan mijn dood. Ik spreek jullie later.



dutchUKflagMeet my parents

They married on 7 February 1951. my mother is from 1932 i believe, and my father 5 years older. 2 beautiful people. Unfortunately they separated after 27 years of a not really healthy relation in 1978. This was the year i married my wife Marja, another story. I am born on the eastside of Amsterdam on 11 august 1957.


dutchUKflagWe married

We married on 14 december 1978. I was 21 and Marja 20 years, so she needed permission from her Father to marry me. But all went well.I stayed with my mother a while at the olympiaweg where we lived once together. My father tried to build a new life on the second floor on the stadhouderskade in Amsterdam.


The Boat

Here you can see our boat we have had for 17 years. I am sure we made our children on this ship. we traveled around the big rivers when they grew up. For me it was a house full of work every year. It took me only a week to sell it.After 1 year Marja finished her education and became a state-registered nurse, and i started with my professional diver career at the fire brigade, i've done this for 18 years.


My fire station

Fire Station "Willem" in 1971 just before my time at the fire brigade. But i love this picture. Retouched it with photoshop. I started my career 8 years later at this station. The best time of my life. The station was opened in 1909 and closed in 1984. I worked here for 5 years.As i told you earlier. I started my career in 1979, after three months of training camp, on this station, named "Willem" on the nieuwe achtergracht.


dutchUKflagUpside Down

At the age of 15 i started with dance lessons and there it was where i met my wife, she was 14 years old . it was 1973. It was love on first site and i still love here very much. She learned for nurse and i went to school to become an electrician. That time we knew already that we would stay together for the rest of our life's.



The story of Wodan my german shepherd is a love story. He was the best friend i ever had. He was with me for 8 years . He was the bodyguard of my children. He was in pain in his last years but he never complained about it. A great friend to remember.We stayed 5 years on our apartment at the oostersekade 2 ,on our third floor. Every day when i went to my work i looked at the montelbaans toren.


The cat and the rat

With this picture i won a price in 1982. The cat did not know what to do. For me it was a lucky shot that early morning.After i finished the most of our apartment with the help of my father in law, i went outside now and then with my camera. One early morning i made this shot in the nieuwe uilenburgerstraat near my home.


The birth of Rob

In our time line its now 1983. So before i tell you about my second home. I tell you about the birth of my first son Rob. The moments i tell you, made me who i am today.There was in all the years of my life at the fire department only one day i didn't liked. I loved the job . Because i am from nature a helper, i like to make my friends around me as happy as i am.