My love for photography & post production

Before i met my wife Marja, and this is long ago, i had a passion allready for photography. Around the age of 14 i was shooting with my old kodak camera. Later i bought myself a second hands olympus reflex camera. With this camera i made many great shots. I only did black & whites as i developt them myself in my darkroom on the attick of my parents home. I was not older than 17. We married at the age of 21 and started on our own third floor apartment in the centre of Amsterdam in 1978. Again i made my darkroom now on my own attick. It was also the start of my career as a professional fireman in Amsterdam, but this is another story you can find here. I was always busy earning money and building the family constuction. Some years later began my own company in digital systems beside my job as a fireman, so the time for my passion of photography was gone. Some years went by and i needed some websites for my company. I bought my first digital camera to make the pictures for my website: I sold everything so i believe it is gone now. It was a small digital compact camera from samsung. From that day  i was in love of the possibillities the digital world showed me. I needed software to make the pictures suitable for my website and so my love for post production was born. Many years later i think only 6 years ago, i bought my first digital reflex camera from nikon because they are more payable now.

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