My music

Music gives me the feeling.

I always need a groove to start a song. Most of the time i search for a sample of something or someone i like. I love club music! In my younger days my wife and i went to one of the best clubs in Amsterdam every weekend. I made a mix from the best songs i remember from those days. The club was called "IT" and was in the centre of Amsterdam. From origin it was a gay club but the owner Manfred Langer shared his passion with straight couples to. He brought glimmer and glamour to his club and made "IT" world famous. DJ Jean was the house DJ, and it was also his start period to the famous dj he still is.  Here i found some original footage from those days on youtube. As i said when i find my groove, it can be a sample of a beat or someone singing or screaming, but if i like it i have a certain feel i can't explain, its from the old days i think. And when i have this feeling i build a track around it. Thats why i made a song called "The Feeling" In the feeling i try to explain what it is. I made a track called "Flamencodance" and this track was born when i found one of my collegues on soundcloud. He is a guitar player. I asked him for a piece of one of his tracks, and around his sample i made the song. Hope you like them. By the way you can download my tracks for free. Talk to you later.